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Kim Kardashian brought to tears by Kanye West baby shower gift

Kim Kardashian was brought to tears at her baby shower when boyfriend and baby daddy Kanye West presented her with a very special baby gift, according to Extra reports. Kanye West wanted to give Kim Kardashian a baby gift that was near and dear to the reality television stars heart, and he succeeded. West asked family members what books Kim Kardashian’s late father Robert Kardashian read to Kim when she was a little girl, then surprised the expectant mother with vintage copies that the new parents could share with their baby daughter after she arrives. As you know Kim is very pregnant and emotional, and Kanye West’s heart felt gift brought on the water works for Kim and a few of her guests. Kanye West presented Kim with one more gift, but what could even come close to the vintage books? Well if you are a Kardashian it might be a Hermes diaper bag. Kim’s hormones are on the rise whether she is brought to tears or becomes angry, say at a certain step father Bruce Jenner, who really up set Kim when he recently remarked to the press that he didn’t really know Kanye West because he had only met him once. Kim has recently come forward to call Bruce Jenner out on the comments reminding her 63-year old step father that Kayne West spent at least four major family events with the Kardashian’s in 2012, including the big Kardashian Christmas party. Kim Kardashian revealed on Sunday nights debut of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” that she and Kanye West are expecting the arrival of their daughter sometime in July. My Google+ profile

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