kim kardashian bare baby bump

Kim Kardashian to eat her placenta after baby’s birth?

Kim Kardashian revealed that she was seriously considering eating her placenta after her baby’s born during the season premiere of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” While some celebs such as January Jones have taken their placenta in pill form, will Kim really eat hers? Kim Kardashian was seen asking her doctor about eating the placenta, which is believed to help mothers recover, as well as help get them healthy after birth. “I really want to do it,” Kim told her doctor as mom Kris Jenner looked on horrified, and disgusted. It seems that Kris Jenner isn’t on board with Kim Kardashian eating her placenta after birth, but Kim may want to do it, which would definitely have fans tweeting her their opinions on her choice. What do you think? Should Kim Kardashian eat her placenta after her baby’s birth, or is that just too gross? My Google+ profile

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