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Kim Kardashian torn between Kanye West and Kris Jenner over big baby plans

Kim Kardashian is torn between her baby daddy, Kanye West, and her mom/manager, Kris Jenner, Hollywood News Daily reports. Kim is allegedly stuck in the middle of Kris and Kanye as she nears her due date. Jenner is said to want to take control of Kim’s birth announcement, and selling the first photos of baby “Kimye” after birth. However, Kanye West may not be on board with Kris Jenner’s plans, and it could be putting a strain on his relationship with Kim Kardashian. “Kris has always been in charge of Kim’s life, starting with the sex tape, and now she wants to make sure she makes as much money as possible off the baby. Kim has always relied on her mom to give her the best advice, but now she’s struggling because Kanye wants to make sure that they don’t overexpose their baby.” What are your thoughts on Kim Kardashian being stuck in the middle of mom Kris Jenner and baby daddy Kanye West? What do you think she should do? My Google+ profile

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