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Bruce Jenner goes back on Kanye West comments — Did Kris Jenner make him flip flop?

Bruce Jenner looked to be attempting to smooth over some family issues over his recent Kanye West remarks on the Jimmy Fallon show according to Us Weekly reports. As recently reported Bruce Jenner made some comments about Kanye West that didn’t sit too well with Kim Kardashian. Bruce told the media that he did not really know Kanye West, because he had only met him once because Kanye hasn’t been around much during Kim’s pregnancy. These remarks angered Kim Kardashian, who went off on Bruce Jenner about the remarks, pointing out that Kanye West had been at four family functions last year alone all which Bruce was also at, one such gathering includes the Kardashian Christmas get together. So Bruce made sure that on the Jimmy Fallon appearance on June 4 that when confronting Jimmy about all the Bruce Jenenr facelift jokes and Kardashian/Jenner family digs Bruce went on to say that as a member of “the Kardashian group,” he’s used to being the butt of the joke. He added that he’s been open about going under the knife, too. “I had it done on camera in our show!” he explained. Fallon repeatedly tried to apologize for his past comments, but Jenner interrupted the New Yorker each time. “I can take it,” the athlete said, “but [Kanye West] is really pissed. . . My good friend, Kanye. . . He’s family.” Wonder how much urging on mom Kris Jenner had to do to get step dad Bruce to make amends with Kim and Kanye? Wonder what Kim Kardashian is thinking about that performance? My Google+ profile

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