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Kim Kardashian’s baby girl doesn’t have a name yet

Kim Kardashian hasn’t chosen a name for her baby girl yet. The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star welcomed her first child with Kanye West over the weekend, but because her daughter was born five weeks early, the decision about her name isn’t yet final, People Magazine reports. Sources reveal what really went down in Kim Kardashian’s delivery room, as well as debunking the rumor that Kardashian’s baby was born via C-section. “She was admitted with medical complications and her doctor made the decision that her baby needed to be delivered. Kim had a natural birth.  If Kim would have had very serious complications, her doctor would have decided to do an emergency c-section instead.” Kim Kardashian was obviously surprised by the early delivery over her baby girl. However, it seems like mother and baby are doing well. As for the Kardashian baby name, sources reveal she’s yet to choose one. “Kim is being very protective of the baby and she says there is no official name,” the insider confirmed. What are your thoughts on Kim Kardashian’s baby not yet having a name? What do you think Kim and Kanye should name their baby girl? My Google+ profile

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