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Kardashian/Jenner family worries over Bruce Jenner’s hearing loss, possible tumor on ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’

“Keeping Up With the Kardashians” family members united this week to show their support of dad Bruce Jenner according to Radar Online’s reports. Bruce, who has been suffering issues with his hearing finally took a trip to the doctor after the family began expressing concern for his health and complaining about his inability to hear what they were saying and continually playing the television at the highest volume. Bruce Jenner, 63, who played off his families concerns claiming he was fine was in for a rude awakening after doctors discovered an ear growth and ordered an MRI to check for a possible tumor. Bruce headed back to the doctor with wife Kris Jenner and step- daughters Kim and Khloe at his side when he received the results of his MRI. Dr. Rick Friedman said to Bruce Jenner, “Your MRI is clear. Your brain’s good.” As the family cheered and all sighed a breath of relief, the doctor added that there was one other issue, Bruce would need to wear a hearing aid from now on. “I don’t want it to be seen,” stated Jenner, but when his doctor recommended a tiny one, Bruce said he would consider the idea. The Kardashian/Jenner family has had quite a time medically, with Bruce’s hearing drama and Kim Kardasian’s difficult pregnancy and arrival of daughter North West on June 15. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and new baby North West are reported to have been released from the hospital and all in good condition, in fact the happy parents are reportedly now engaged and rumored to be looking at a possible September wedding? Kris Jenner is going to keep extra busy and have loads of Kardashian/Jenner family news to report once her new daytime talk show begins on July 15, when does this family ever have time to sleep? My Google+ profile

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