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Scott Disick spotted yelling profanity at women in Miami

“Keeping Up With the Kardashians”‘ family member Scott Disick was spotted out in Miami with some of his male pals after he was heard going off very loudly spewing a profanity filled rant against women according to Radar Online. Eye witnesses tell Radar that Scott Disick was in a rage, and flew off in a vulgar rant calling women very profane names that included “b****s” and c***s” in front of a large group of women and some children while he was at the W Hotel lobby bar. During a day out with approximately 10 of his male friends in Miami on Saturday, Scott flew into a rage, and launched into an ‘appalling’ tirade calling women “b*****s” and “c***s” while holding court at the W Hotel lobby bar. One witness, therapist Emily Roberts stated to the celebrity news site: “I was appalled, both personally and professionally, by his behavior,” Roberts claims that she was with a group of her peers, “all professional women,” were enjoying drinks in the Living Room lobby bar around 5 pm on Saturday when they witnessed Scott Disick and around ten other men walk in. “One of my friends told him she was a fan and asked very nicely for a picture,” Emily explains. “I had seen positive stories about him lately, so I had no idea he would be rude. “Scott was like, ‘No you girls are crazy! Get away from me! Why’d you come up to me’ and continued to swear. “He was yelling at my friend in the middle of a hotel, and there were kids right there in the lobby,” Emily reveals. “He was being very dismissive and inappropriate. Very unkind. Very vulgar. I was appalled.” Roberts also claims that Scott Disick was being so obnoxious that even one of the males in his group spoke out telling him to “chill out.” Emily Roberts claims she was really surprised to hear Scott Disick being so disrespectful to women, considering that Kourtney Kardashian would have been mortified, but reports reveal that Kourtney was in Los Angeles, which might also explain Scott Disick’s being out the following night at the LIV nightclub in the Fontainbleau, where he was spotted this time with a group of women who appeared very comfortable in Scott Disick’s personal VIP section. Is this a sign that Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian are on the outs, or was Scott, just being his old self again? Follow us online! Twitter | Facebook | Sister Sites My Google+ profile

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