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Kanye West named felony suspect after attacking paparazzi

Kanye West snapped at the LAX airports assaulting a photographer, sending him to a nearby hospital according to TMZ. West blew his stack when he was surrounded earlier today at LAX becoming physically violent and injuring one photographer while attempting to take his camera from him. The photographer has now decided that he wants to press charges against Kanye West. The Los Angeles police stated that the photographer was injured after Kanye physically assaulted the man and have referred the case over to the D.A.’s office as a felony attempted robbery case. Kanye West has been walking a pretty fine line the past few months where the paparazzi are involved. As previously reported Kanye West, the boyfriend of Kim Kardashian has been excessively angry especially since the arrival of his daughter North West, he could also be having some major issues with the latest secret audio tape revealed where he once again trashed Taylor Swift and Pink. Follow us online! Twitter | Facebook | Sister Sites My Google+ profile

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