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Kylie Jenner stepping out on Jaden Smith with Justin Bieber friend Lil Twist?

Kylie Jenner was spotted out and about again with Justin Bieber’s close pal Lil Twist. This is the second time the 15-year-old Jenner has been seen with the 20-year-old rapper in the past few weeks Radar Online reports. Crazy thing about the entire situation is that Kylie Jenner is supposed to be exclusively dating Jaden Smith the 14-year-old son of celebrity couple Will and Jada Smith, not to mention closer to her own age, and someone that hasn’t been recently arrest for a DWI. Kylie Jenner stepped out with Lil Twist on Tuesday, heating up the speculations that Justin Bieber’s pal Twist and Jaden Smith are now competing to be her boyfriend. Kylie denied all romantic encounters with both Jaden Smith and Lil Twist posting: “Why am I dating every male I hang out with I don’t understand,” she wrote earlier. Interesting enough Kris and Bruce Jennerhave not manage to put a stop to their youngest daughter Kylie Jenner hanging with Lil Twist, who has been making news headlines for reckless driving, and drug use, not to mention being 5-years older than the young teen. Many fans and Kardashian/Jenner news followers believe that it is poor parenting on Kris and Bruce’s part and that she should be guiding their daughter in a different direction. Without the proper parenting young Kylie Jenner could end up in some major trouble possibly following in the footsteps of Justin Bieber, Lindsay Lohan, or Amanda Bynes. Follow us online! Twitter | Facebook | Sister Sites My Google+ profile

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