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Kourtney Kardashian: Michael Girgenti accuses Kardashians of fixing paternity test

Kourtney Kardashian’s paternity battle over Mason is not over with male model Michael Girgenti despite Scott Disick being named his biological father. Girgenti is now claiming that he believes that the Kardashian family had the DNA test results rigged according to TMZ. As soon as the results of Mason’s DNA test were revealed Michael Gigenti revealed to the celebrity news site claiming that he did see the DNA test results that the site posted that Kourtney Kardashian had done at an independent lab, and he is claiming they are B.S.! Michael is alleging that the Kardashian family has the money to pay off someone to fix the DNA results in their favor and is saying that it is possible that the results are forged. Despite Kourtney Kardashian’s DNA results Girgenti claims he is not satisfied, and this is not over by a long shot, he plans to stand by his claims that he is the father of Mason. Girgenti is going to keep fighting this battle until he is satisfied that a fair court-monitored DNA test is conducted. As previously reported Michael Girgenti is suingKourtney Kardashian for joint custody of Mason. The two will square off in a court hearing that has been set for sometime in October. Do you believe that Kourtney Kardashian and her family could be behind having Mason’s DNA test results fixed in their favor? Like this page if you believe the Kardashians would attempt to fix the DNA test. Follow us online! Twitter | Facebook | Sister Sites My Google+ profile

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