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Bruce Jenner ends feud between his mother and Kris Jenner

Bruce Jenner has ended the feud between his wife Kris Jenner and his 87-year-old mother Ester Jenner. The tension between the two was eased on the latest episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians on Sunday, August, 18 according Reality TV Magazine. Bruce decided that it was high time for Kris Jenner and his elderly mother to smooth over what ever issues are between them and make amends something that he felt was very important to him. Kris Jenner was a little unreceptive at first to say the least when Bruce suggested making amends with his aging mother and going to Idaho to visit her. Kris Jenner told Bruce: “The last time she came to my home, I made her dinner, I made her brownies, I made her pasta, my favorite soup, I put flowers in her room. I made her feel like a princess. She doesn’t even like me. Why would I go visit somebody who can’t stand me?” Not to be defeated Bruce Jenner then decided to bring his mother to his house for a visit with the Jenners. The family dinner tension between the two Jenner women was thick, but Bruce finally convinced his mom to make the first move, and apologized to Kris for not being closer with her over the years. Ester Jenner also told Kris that she believed that she was good for Bruce, the ice melted and Kris Jenner agreed with her mother-in-law that that they should spend more time together chatting. But that was not the only drama among the Kardashian/Jenner family members during the latest episode, Kim Kardashian was feeling moody, broody and left out by her little sister Kylie Jenner. Kim had been stalking Kylie’s Tumblr page only to find out that little sis barely ever makes mention ofKim Kardashian any more. Needless to say, Kim’s feeling’s were hurt and she began bugging Kylie non stop attempting to be cooler and find her way back onto her 16-year-old sister’s cool meter. When it did not happen, Kim became snotty and found out Kylie had taken some of her clothes from her closet and it was on. Kim and pal Jonathon barged in on Kylie to let her know they thought she was being a rude teen. It ended with Kim Kardashian huffily going through Kylie’s clothes closet removing all of her things. Funny Kardashian/Jenner sister moments, but Kim seemed to be genuinely jealous of her baby sister at the moment. What do you think about Kim’s hissy fit with Kylie and Bruce Jenner’s mom Ester and Kris Jenner patching up their 23-year-old rift? “Keeping Up With Kardashians” airs on Sunday nights on E! Follow us online! Twitter | Facebook | Sister Sites My Google+ profile

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