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North West’s photo used to save Kris Jenner’s failing talk show?

North West’s first public baby photo is scheduled to debut on Friday on the season finale of Kris Jenner’s daytime talk show according to Radar Online, but is North West’s big reveal grandma Kris’ last ploy to salvage her sinking talk show in hopes of getting picked up for a full season. Kris Jenner’s talk show ratings have been less than favorable for the trial stint of the new daytime talk show, so it stands to reason that Kris Jenner needed to go out with a bang and a major boost in ratings in hopes of getting any chance at getting picked up for a full season. As previously reported, the big reveal show will air on Friday and is the last day the show will air, unless the ratings go through the roof and Fox decides to pick up the Kris Jenner Show for a full season.This is something that Kris Jenner is hoping will happen, so the finale show was a go big or stay at home event for the mother of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. What better way to boost ratings than to give the Kardashian fans what they have been wanting the first look at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby girlNorth West, not to mention a one on one detailed interview with the man himself, Kanye West? The photo of the newest Kardashian family member will go up on the screen during Kris Jenner’s show and interview with Kanye West and will reveal North West by herself, lying on a comforter, but before all that happens it is said that Kanye West will get the final approval on the segment, as well as the entire episode around it. Kim Kardashian’s biggest worry with the world getting a peek at North West comes down to safety issues according to a source close to the situation. “Right now, she is worried about the safety of Nori because paps are throwing stuff over the walls, yelling awful things at her,”said the source. “She feels threatened and scared right now that if they don’t just let everyone see the kid, you all are gonna go cray cray on her when she does finally emerge.” So the big question of the day comes down to this did Kris Jenner use her granddaughter North West to try and save her show, and are you surprised to hear that North West’s photo will be debuted on the Kris Jenner show? Follow us online! Twitter | Facebook | Sister Sites My Google+ profile

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