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Kris Jenner’s talk show cancelled — Report

Kris Jenner’s talks show has reportedly been cancelled. The Kardashian mom, who just wrapped up a six week trial run on her show, “Kris,” has no chance of getting picked up for another run. Jenner’s ratings just couldn’t cut it, and her talk show dreams have allegedly been crushed. Of course, the talk show market is a tough one, but Kris may have thought her family’s celebrity would work in her advantage. “Kris did get a ratings bump for her last show when Kanye West revealed the first baby pic of daughter, North West, with Kim, but that was a one time shot in the arm and it wouldn’t be indicative of what the ratings trend would be,” said one insider. “It’s a very crowded market and Kris didn’t do anything to set herself apart from the field. Believe it or not, most of America doesn’t want to hear about the Kardashian’s for an hour every day,” the source added. However, there is still hope for Kris Jenner, who likely won’t hear from Fox about the fate of her show for at least a month. What are your thoughts on Kris Jenner’s talk show reportedly being headed for cancelation? Follow us online! Twitter | Facebook | Sister Sites My Google+ profile

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