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Lamar Odom spending $800 a day on drugs?

Lamar Odom has been reportedly spending $800 a day on his drug habits, and sometimes more for the past several months according to TMZ. As previously reported Lamar Odom has been experiencing one bad incident after the next since falling victim to a severe substance abuse problem. The celebrity news site reveals that Lamar Odom has been blowing through at least $800 a day on his crack addictions according to Kardashian/Jenner sources close to the situation. The source claims that Lamar Odom’s drug habit grew after he moved out of his marital home that he shared with wife Khloe Kardashian and into the Roosevelt Hotel last May after two women came forward claiming that they had been allegedly having an affair with the married NBA player. While Odom lived in the hotel, he was reported to have been constantly surrounded by friends, and several other drug abusers, who were strangers to Odom, and using the hotel room as a drug den all hours of the day, for the past several months. Odom was reportedly spending in excess of $800 per day, but sometimes more, for multiple drugs, including crack. Lamar Odom’s drug abuse problems have since found him arrested on DUI charges, involved in a car accident, and possibly cost him his marriage if he does not seek help. Conflicting reports are stating that Lamar Odom may have checked himself into rehab this week but at this time it has not been positively confirmed, and reps for Lamar Odom and the Kardashian family are remaining fairly hush on the matter. Follow us online! Twitter | Facebook | Sister Sites My Google+ profile

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