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Scott Disick flaunts Kardashian money on Instagram

The Kardashian money has been good to Scott Disick. Kourtney Kardashian’s longtime love, and father of her two children, Mason and Penelope, took to his Instagram account to flaunt his extreme wealth. CLICK HERE TO SEE A SLIDESHOW OF ALL OF SCOTT’S MONEY PHOTOS! Disick posted photos of himself with a huge stack of $100 bills, as well as those bills with lots of luggage, flaunted his extremely expensive jewelry, and is taking a lot of heat for posting a photo of $100 bills on his toilet paper rack. It seems that the Kardashian family is always under fire, and while Scott Disick continues to be his usual controversial self, it sickens some fans who believe that money could, and should, be going to feed the hungry, help the homeless, or help find cures for diseases such as cancer or AIDS. Are the Kardashian just too rich for their own good? Do you think they unappreciative of all they’ve been blessed with, or is Scott just fooling around in good fun? “This is a disgusting display of wealth,” tweeted one outraged fan. What do you think of Scott Disick’s Instagram money shots? Follow us online! Twitter | Facebook | Sister Sites Scott Disick Is Really, Really (Really) Rich – Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe My Google+ profile

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