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Harry Styles debuts new heart tattoo after Kendall Jenner split

Harry Styles heart tattoo coincidentally debuted days following the news of his split from “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” and model Kendall Jenner, but what does it mean? Harry Styles heart tattoo was debuted to the public by the One Direction heart throb earlier this week on his left bicep, and it is not your usual heart ink art. Styles’ choice of added ink work looks more like a biology tribute than one of a young man sporting abroken heart and joins his other collection of tats that includes butterfly on his stomach, two sparrows on his chest, and his beloved cartoon heart on his left shoulder. Does the artwork have anything at all to do with Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner‘s recent romance ending? What is really behind Harry Styles’ and Kendall Jenner’s recent split? Hard to say, but rumors are sparking stating that Harry Styles managers put the kibosh on Harry and Kendall’s fast and furious love affair after they believed the 1D singer was getting to serious too fast and talking marriage. A source close to Harry Styles and the other One Direction members stated: “Harry had confided to fellow band mate Zayn Malik that he’s madly in love with Kendall – and wants to marry her.” Harry was warned: “If you get engaged,” they warned him, “it will not only affect YOUR popularity, but the band will take a huge hit. It’s not just about the disappointment of all the teenage girls around the world, but the multimillions that could be lost from record, touring and merchandising sales.” If this tidbit is true than it appears that Harry decided to opt for money and success over love, that and of course Harry Styles heart tattoo, for now. Do you believe that Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner were really getting that serious so soon? My Google+ profile

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